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  1. Just a quick question: Why Behavior Blocker is dependent on a cloud network???? From what I remember, Mamutu had a set of rules implemented locally . And what if you take your laptop in a trip where you do not have internet connection (airplane, remote area, some other country) and want to watch a movie /read a book from an USB stick which is infected? How are you going to be protected?
  2. I do not want to ruin your enthusiasm but EMSISOFT decided not to participate in AV test, so which results are you talking about???? In latest AV Comparatives, EMSI scored 97.9% (Microsoft free had 100%) so, really , what are you talking about???? It is supposed to be like that for a paid product.
  3. What about contacting sale team to opt-in????? Wouldn't be more logical /fair???
  4. The testing organizations share the samples with the "not so good antivirus software" because otherwise the vendor would complain about detection rate ; when a teacher discuses with a student the mark and shares the failed subjects , is not for the student to know in the future but rather to justify the mark. When the passing mark is 99%, yes , 97% seems low. In over 2000 years we still have the same 10 commandments as "behavior standard" , unmodified, and the expectation is for us to behave accordingly . At least that was my understanding about a behavior blocker; once you have a set of rules, should be good for life....
  5. That is not the point; this was a test and adding the detection after the test is pointless Again this was a test; how many times ,in real life you will have to solve a triple integral??? Yet, this could be a test for university admission. Behavior blocker is a mature product (since Mamutu) , which in theory doesn't require permanent maintenance; so, what issue????
  6. What about "unknown" Ransomware??? I thought that is the job of a Behavior Blocker is block "unknown" malwares. As long as the malware is known, there is a signature for it and can be blocked traditionally.
  7. Is EMSI focusing in the right direction??? The group of users using 2 or more antimalware simultaneously is insignificant ( Kaspersky, Avast, AVG all have a detection rate over 99% by themselves) . All antimalware solution have some sort of HIPS or behavior blocker , so running EMSI on top of this is unnecessary expense and asking for trouble.
  8. With dual engine and "the best behavior blocker", yet EMSISOFT is behind the free MSE , with 99.1% detection rate , compared with 100% MSE. Any explanation again? Thanks!