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  1. Not sure what to do. Basically, i ran a scan with emsisoft and it found 4 threats, all within the same main folder. It was a game i downloaded(Universe Sandbox 2), in the folder downloads/games/Universe-sandbox-2. So, Emsisoft successfully removed 2 of the viruses but could not remove the other 2 displaying the error message: "The following objects were not removed for your safety ...Removing these items bears an unusually high risk of crashing your OS.." So i followed the instructions on the "START HERE.." page and now i'm posting. I'm not exceptionally good with computers so try to dull it down and make it simple for me, please. Thank you, and let me know if any other information is needed. Addition_06-05-2018 17.02.54.txt FRST_06-05-2018 17.02.54.txt scan_180506-164815.txt