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  1. I just wanted to inform that the malware has not been removed and is still popping like before.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I have done as per your instruction and here is the file. Fixlog_11-05-2018 09.54.52.txt
  3. I am having harrowing time with these malwares which no AV or Anti-malware softwares seem to remove, slowing down my already slow system. It keeps on coming back and have to rescan restart with no end in sight. Until I came across emsisoft and after scaning and trying to quarntine it says removing them will pose high risk of crashing the system during automatic cleaning, as the threat is deeply embedded and it refered to the online support for quidance for removal. Following the instruction at "START HERE' I managed to attach the requisite files. Plz kindly help which will be highly valued. Thanking you. FRST_10-05-2018 14.14.12.txt Addition_10-05-2018 14.14.12.txt scan_180510-131930.txt
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