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  1. It's odd to get that impression, the paid features weren't even introduced until v3, and both versions have always been the exact same download package/URL offered freely on our website, as well as 3rd party mirrors. No worries though it's fine, but we thank you again for allowing us to clear this up.
  2. I believe you're correct about discussion location, however I doubt Bundaburra had referred to CryptoPrevent v1.x from 5 years ago (which I would agree isn't very useful) but rather Bundaburra's comment seemed to refer to the last free edition (v9.1) released only a few weeks ago. Also please accept my apologies, I didn't mean reference "BitDefender" in place of "Emsisoft Anti-Malware" and in fact I wasn't aware that BitDefender A/V was in use by Emsisoft until today, which is how familiar I am with your current offerings as well as theirs! I am not sure why that stuck in my head as I replied; will edit the previous post right away.
  3. Bundaburra, To answer your question, yes CryptoPrevent will remove the Software Restriction Policies (aka "group policies" as mentioned above, or "SRP" for short) as well as all other provided protections during uninstall of the software. This does assume that CryptoPrevent is allowed to run normally and is not otherwise inhibited by another product that is a little too restrictive in it's protection mechanisms, which to my knowledge would not be the case with Emsisoft products, though I could be mistaken (we do not use nor do we typically test with Emsisoft products for compatibility as we have never been presented with a reason to...) --- There are however a few major misconceptions presented here regarding CryptoPrevent that we would respectfully request both you and the Emsisoft staff to consider. I can understand to a point that these misconceptions exist, because much like the Emsisoft staff, we at Foolish IT (d7xTech) are not at all familiar with the Emsisoft product line and feature set, just as they seem entirely unfamiliar with ours. 1. Software Restriction Policies are only one of 4 major protection types in use by CryptoPrevent, as well as a few nice but more minor protection perks and not counting related options and additional features, none of which interfere with any known anti-virus/anti-malware product to our knowledge. Protection features are listed on the software's home page in the left column under the "CryptoPrevent v9 Features" section. 2. CryptoPrevent protects against all forms of malware, not just "ransomware" alone, yet despite this fact CryptoPrevent is not a competitor to other products, but rather a supplement to their functionality. This is important in that we also make no claims whatsoever that CryptoPrevent can or should replace other more traditional anti-virus or any anti-malware type products or protections, and in fact we do strongly recommend that these products are also used in conjunction with CryptoPrevent (in addition to at least one or more tested backup methodologies.) Therefore usage of CryptoPrevent is always worthwhile as a valid and an additional layer of security. I do not believe the last point can seriously be debated unless these exact same protection types and features are copied from our product for use in other products. Even in cases where other products use Software Restriction Policies (as Emsisoft products may use) as more and more are doing these days, the policies are not necessarily the same that we use, unless through specific investigation and effort our policies are copied after creation by our software with the intent of duplication in the other product, and of course they would need to be duplicated in the same way after each new version of our software is released. Due to the staff's unfamiliarity with CryptoPrevent, I would highly doubt that their software's protections, and in particular the Software Restriction Policies (if used by Emsisoft) are exactly the same as those created by CryptoPrevent, nor would they interfere with our product's policies. In addition to the SRP protections, to our knowledge Emsisoft does not interfere with nor duplicate CryptoPrevent's 3 other main protection types either, all of which are enabled even in the free edition of CryptoPrevent. Although currently free updates to CryptoPrevent are discontinued, it is entirely current and even more effective than ever as of the last release this month, and as-is it will will be valid protection for years to come. In the future if you (or anyone else) should have questions or experience any issues with our products, even the free versions as you were using, we encourage you to first use our own support channels for assistance. --- Now specifically to the Emsisoft staff I would like to point out that we do not generally make it practice to comment on others' products nor recommend removing them, unless we find that they are harmful to our users or entirely ineffective, as has been the case in the past, however when there is any benefit to our users (of course we definitely believe Emsisoft products can be beneficial to our users in addition to our own product's functionality) we would never recommend removal of an additional layer of security. This would almost be equivalent to advising removal of Emsisoft products in lieu of the free Windows Defender, which is built-in to every modern version of Windows and available to most older ones still found today as a free add-on/update, all on the (possibly incorrect) assumption that it does the same thing and renders all 3rd party anti-virus/malware apps unnecessary. In fact this isn't the same but worse, since with CryptoPrevent we are discussing an additional layer of security that co-exists peacefully with Emsisoft, not a replacement layer as the above given example. We hope that rather than recommending removal of a potentially helpful product for no apparent reason, that the Emsisoft staff would instead recognize that other non-interfering additional layers of security (including having tested and yes even redundant backup methods in place) are always a good idea when one's data security is of any concern, or at the least refuse to comment where knowledge is scarce on others' products that shouldn't even be considered as "competing." We also wish to extend the offer to assist Emsisoft should CryptoPrevent ever interfere or become redundant to one or more of their features by working with the them to resolve an issue and even to allow for an automated or easy to disable option (for the user) regarding the specifically redundant bits of functionality when the other product is detected, providing the user has a choice and is informed correctly of the options at that time. --- We do wish both you and the Emsisoft staff the best no matter what your stance is regarding our software, and we would also like to thank the Emsisoft staff for allowing this post to remain visible to clear up the misconceptions presented above, as well as any future consideration towards not perpetuating them.
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