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  1. I think it is a big business for antivirus companies and the hackers too... And I have confidence that those fcking hackers working for antivirus companies...
  2. Hi, GT500, It was an USB device specially a WD My Book Essential HDD, and there was an SD card connected to my laptop.
  3. I installed windows because of i didn't have any data on my OP. I store/stored all of my data in external storages. Uploaded the result of the identifying. I have some files both encrypted and original, because of redundant storing , and i have 2 other HDD but most of my data was on my infected external storage. So I can upload files if you need (just send a link). I want my files back... :S HOWTODECRYPTFILES.html
  4. Hi, I've got the same infection yesterday. I've made a new copy of windows, but in my external HDD all of my files are encrypted. Can I use USBport safely to access to that storage to help you with uploading some files? I don't want to install windows again...
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