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  1. Just calm down im sure there will be
  2. The best way to do is 1: hide your encrypted files somewhere safe 2: be patient Thats what am i doin now
  3. I Hate CyberCriminals

  4. I found the Cyber criminals Location by IP tracker here they are in UKRAINE
  5. I GOT INFECTED BY i dont know how to remove this on my Chrome Browser... anyone can help me ASAP?
  6. Wait Also i cant upload the Image it keeps error
  7. i think I found where the Creator of Cry36 Ransomeware yes i'm Infected Cry36 is not just a ransomware... its a Spyware too but I'm From Phillipines
  8. I recommend don't visit that is a Malware Website and Makes Fraud Results and In formations... I recommend try Visiting And have a Nice Day
  9. I got this Virus Named and ovche.bit and finally cmd.exe keeps popping up my screen that runs my explorer.exe secretly But Melwarebytes Blocks it every min please help me stop this i don't know how to Delete this Even me i Cant afford the Premium Anti Malware i'm Just a 13 Boy Normal PC user Got Infected By Accident/ Unknown Reason
  10. Guys lets just calm our selves and wait Until 1 Hero saves our Files and Computer... Lets hope 1 day God will bring our True hero That will Give us the Solution to This Ransomware And Hope this wont Happen Again to the World #NoMoreRansomCriminals
  11. Im sorry to Say sir this is Cry36 its made at 1 year Ago said By David Biggar and the Solution haven't made yet