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  1. Just calm down im sure there will be
  2. The best way to do is 1: hide your encrypted files somewhere safe 2: be patient Thats what am i doin now
  3. I Hate CyberCriminals

    1. junior


      Four days ago today I had my files encrypted by ransomeware.igdm a variant of djvu and I did a lot of research to try to find a solution, but I couldn't find anything to help me and today I had to delete all my encrypted files and the damage is great. Criminals are investing a lot in this criminal practice because it gives them a lot of money. I am very sad, but I had no choice but to delete my stolen files.

  4. I found the Cyber criminals Location by IP tracker here they are in UKRAINE https://www.iptrackeronline.com/index.php?ip_address=
  5. I GOT INFECTED BY pubads.g.doubleclick.net i dont know how to remove this on my Chrome Browser... anyone can help me ASAP?
  6. Wait Alsohttps://imgur.com/t4Q0DEj i cant upload the Image it keeps error
  7. i think I found where the Creator of Cry36 Ransomeware yes i'm Infected Cry36 is not just a ransomware... its a Spyware too but I'm From Phillipines
  8. I recommend don't visit https://howtoremove.guide that is a Malware Website and Makes Fraud Results and In formations... I recommend try Visiting https://www.bleepingcomputer.com And www.emsisoft.com.. have a Nice Day
  9. I got this Virus Named hostfiletank.ru and ovche.bit and finally cmd.exe keeps popping up my screen that runs my explorer.exe secretly But Melwarebytes Blocks it every min please help me stop this i don't know how to Delete this Even me i Cant afford the Premium Anti Malware i'm Just a 13 Boy Normal PC user Got Infected By Accident/ Unknown Reason
  10. Guys lets just calm our selves and wait Until 1 Hero saves our Files and Computer... Lets hope 1 day God will bring our True hero That will Give us the Solution to This Ransomware And Hope this wont Happen Again to the World #NoMoreRansomCriminals
  11. Im sorry to Say sir this is Cry36 its made at 1 year Ago said By David Biggar and the Solution haven't made yet
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