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  1. Okay thank you. Is it ok to just delete those EEK Temp files after the scan or what should I do with them?
  2. I quarantined it for now and turned off my PC since I need to go to bed.
  3. I was doing a full scan after a normal scan and at about 75% it detected malware in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Temp\EEK\(Some random numbers and letters).zip -> (other random numbers and letters).dat It says it's Gen:Variant.Ursu.198004 (B). I think it said that that specific type isn't known and provided a list to check if the category explains what kinda malware it is. I can't check right now though since I can't access the internet with my PC right now. I put a file of the same type in the quarantine when I did the first scan since I wasn't sure if it was a false positiv
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