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  1. Everything it's okay but at the EEK scan keeps appearing OS Kernel scan_180621-195917.txt FRST_21-06-2018 20.11.06.txt
  2. I think it's okay scan_180620-102242.txt FRST_20-06-2018 10.32.10.txt
  3. Everything is going well! no more programs stopped running and I think I don't have something else to worry FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_180618-094420.txt
  4. Ok! Then FRST asked for restart the computer Fixlog.txt Windows defender works!
  5. Hi, thanks for reply I appreciate the help! The new scan: wonder if the addition one too ;; FRST_11-06-2018 18.18.33.txt Addition_11-06-2018 18.18.33.txt
  6. I have this impossible-to-delete-without-damage-your-cmp Rootkit problem and I don't know if it's this Cloudnet malware. I cannot access to windows defender, too, I tried many manually things. Ah, when I run an EEK scan after the results an 'Activate EEK protection' download pop up but then its says that's something wrong scan_180605-154342.txt Addition_05-06-2018 15.51.50.txt FRST_05-06-2018 15.51.50.txt
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