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  1. Thank you for all this explanations. I stay in touch if there is any news!
  2. Hello GT500, Here the link to the result : https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/identify.php?case=62cc2e7e4036e1f100f14a33935a2fe556e28b3f Unfortunatelly the answer is : This ransomware has no known way of decrypting data at this time. Any way to help?
  3. Hello everyone,I'm glade to find a place where I can expose my ransomware issue… One of my customers had been infected by ransomware, I think this one is not really old!I went to the website: nomoreransom.org and the results were potentially: Philadelphia, Ozozalocker or StampadoI tried to decrypt with this 3 Tools, only Philadelphia runs to try to decrypt but failed… The others didn't work at all.In attach crypted files + .readme_txt if it can help.I'm not able to find exactly wich type of ransomware it is.Many thanks for your help. Microsoft_Azure_Recovery_Services_Agent_1_22_2018_
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