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  1. Also, when stopping EEK at this point, it complains that the log file is no longer available...
  2. I decided to scan one drive at a time. As of now it's gotten stuck, for hours, on this file (see attached screenshot) and done nothing since - no I/O showing up in Resource Monitor. Shutting down Plex and restarting the scan had no effect. Maybe the filename is invalid/too long or something?
  3. I just ran a 'Malware scan' with EEK and it found nothing. My guess is I'm missing something and should have run some kind of custom scan instead?
  4. Thanks for the advice. Nothing appears to stand out for me in the FRST log. Should I scan with EEK as well? I have already scanned with MBAM, MSE, and Avast (latter two of which I added after I discovered the ransomware). Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. I've been infected with Cry36. Stupid I know. I logged in while it was happening and changed passwords and ports. But Malwarebytes and Avast do not seem to have found the actual process/show no sign of having done so. Instructions both here and elsewhere on removal are a vague 'use your malware removal utility to quarantine'. In the meantime, I've shut down, but I need guidance, in case it's still actually there. **I'm not sure if it's safe to boot again, whether specifically I should boot to safe mode, or what.** I am afraid they have the ability to continue encrypting files or else delete them entirely.