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  1. It was win10 newest version and no other applications were installed other than firefox. I decided to just reinstall windows and did the same steps and this time the activation took only few seconds. Im pretty sure emsisoft just had some issues with their servers at that time and thats why the activation took some time, i also remember checking updates took longer than usual at first but then it started to work as smoothly as always.
  2. Did that 1,5 minutes without protections make my pc vulnerable against attacks? Of course i was not doing anything with my pc during that time, i was just at the desktop waiting for emsisoft software to connect with license activation servers.
  3. Those trackprog thing always appear in my roguekiller scans, they seem to be part of windows. As for how things are running, i secure erased my ssd just in case there was some undetected malware.
  4. I also ran adware cleaner and no threats was found, also hitman pro scan was also clean. Rkill doesnt find anything either
  5. Earlier i downloaded the roguekiller from bleepingcomputer, and it only found some trackprog things that didnt seem malicious, i could be wrong though. Now I downloaded that roguekiller from your link, and ran the program again and it, though i dont know what you mean by "prescan", when i start the roguekiller it says "updates Check" and "Scan progress Check" but it doesnt actually seem to do any "prescan", there is only that Scan button which starts the scan which later can be exported in the report log. Anyway, here are both reports from programs downloaded from bleepingcomputer and fos
  6. I wanna note, that i do have youtube in my browser history, and i also have unity program, those were both sites i had visited in the past.
  7. That was pretty weird, first youtube opened by itself, then i was waiting if something else would happen and then the unity3d page where it downloads the program opened by itself, the sites seemed legit though. Emsisoft antimalware doesnt find anything. Farbar logs: FRST.txt Addition.txt
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