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  1. Hello All, i notice that EAM detection by Bitdefender Engine Only. why Engine of EMA doesn't work ?
  2. Hello Support Team, first, is the best software i have ever used. but why i can't take the 30 days as a free trial. after installing new windows and format the partition the emsisoft told me that have used trial period but i didn't use the trial before. More than 23 time to install windows and install the emsisoft software but i can't take the 30 days as a trial period. i also downloaded the latest version many time but still issue there. any help please without a serial>> if i can't get help for trial period i will switch back to another antivirus software.
  3. Hello Everyone... after installing new windows emsisoft anti-malware told me the trial period had expired.whenever i didn't used it before.. any help ?