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  1. Everything seems to be working fine, even my lagging mouse seems to be better. Thanks
  2. I ran FRST, then ran your Fixit script, then re-ran FRST. I attached the final FRST and Fixit .txt logs. Thanks Fixlog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. I ran FRST. Here are scan files. Misc Info: I don't share, even on Home network. I try not to add junk apps. There are some manuals for my phone. My old printer was HP and is now Epson. ThinkOrSwim is Ameritrade application. I use IE, Edge and Chrome, to prevent some cross-pollination. If EMSI asks me, I say BLOCK (Rules). I regularly get fake Microsoft virus reports halting browser with Call-Us Phone number, requiring Task manager to stop. My Mouse has been lagging for few months-I tried another mouse with same performance. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Update: After running EEK and FRST, the 2 quarantined copies of Trojan.Scam.MN (B)were gone. Only FRST remained in quarantine list and I deleted it. I searched PC for Trojan.Scam and got no results. If this is normal, you can close this case and I'll delete any remnants of EEK and FRST. Thanks. During regular scan EMSI Anti-Malware found 2 copies of Trojan.Scam.MN (B) and quarantined them see Original Scan-Forensics_180822-181418.txt. I requested deletion, but got message saying virus was deeply imbedded, and to come here for instructions how to delete. I ran EEK and scan see
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