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  1. Hi JeremyNicoll, My mistake - it was a2service, not a2start. The issue resolved after a system restart - thanks for your assistance.
  2. Hello, This morning I notice that a2start is consuming 75% to 95% of CPU, leading to noticeable performance issues on my laptop (Dell Inspiron, Windows 10, Core i5, 8GB RAM). This is after a cold start. Please advise.
  3. I am running Emsisoft Mobile Security version 3.0.7 on a Google Pixel 2/ Android 9. For the past three weeks my weekly report states that some of my apps are infected, and some web pages I accessed were infected and blocked. Problem is: How can I get the details of which apps and web sites were infected? I will then be able to uninstall the infected apps. Thanks in advance!
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