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  1. well, may be. But File Reputation rating should come in to picture here. If emsisoft not yet using it; it must start. Containerize or at least flag the files / display notification with no reputation.
  2. yup, i executed the file. it was there in task manager too. After a minutes, i termintaed the task.
  3. BD was not detecting it earlier, only 17 out of 71 scan engins were detecting it on Virustotal. BD started detecting it only after 5-6 hours when I uploaded on virustotal. And does that mean, behaviour based detection, AI etc are all myth? finally signature based scaning is only affective way ?
  4. this seems to be very obvious malware. why emsisoft couldn't detect it? I ran ONS as well executed file for behaviour detection - both time Emsisoft failed :( https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/49655a2807a24adb5ae7625fbcdbef2d441e4461a9b67feee82c8e111270578b/detection IMG__New Orders 2021 and Specifications .com
  5. Scenario: A network without internet of production PCs (SCADA system). Some of PCs are not having internet neither on this network. Client wants that he update Emsisoft on one of the PC having internet or download update file(s) (dat/zip..). Copy these files regularly in Emsisoft Management Server to update PCs on network as well as on few other PCs, which are not on network. I have read other post which suggest to disable self-protection/service to update manually, but when there are 200 PCs, its not practical.
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