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  1. I missed the post lower down about this issue. Cleaned out temp files, restarted and everything works again.
  2. The Emsisoft behavior blocker won't let me open Firefox and I can't find the blocked setting anywhere in the behavior blocker list. I have to disable it completely to even open Firefox. Now I have to reestablish all my settings again because I tried to reset it thinking it was a Firefox problem. It gave some kind of code injection message when it happened. I also can't seem to install the Emsisoft addon but Noscript etc. can still be installed normally. What's going on? This is the log message: It says "Quarantined by user" in the list but I did nothing and there are no files in the quarantine. 05/05/2019 10:04:56 PM Behavior Blocker detected suspicious behavior "CodeInjector" of C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\updated\firefox.exe Edit: I looked up the Emsisoft addon in Firefox and was able to reinstall it that way. Behavior blocker still messed up though.
  3. Same issue on Windows 7 64x, excluding the folder changes nothing. I have to disable protection to even start Steam. Dammit I'm pissed, I thought Steam somehow broke itself so I uninstalled and reinstalled, without backing up my games (don't have the drive space) and have lost over 500GB of games including carefully modded games with over 200 mods applied with specific load orders that I can't remember. How could you disrupt such a major program like this and when will there be a fix?
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