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  1. In the Japanese environment, the characters are cut off and displayed like this. I remember that it wasn't displayed like this until last month. Every time I look at the UI, it bothers me like a small thorn.
  2. Yesterday, I had a similar problem on my pc. Similar to the above, the manual update also failed. I haven't had any issues since the manual update was successful a few hours ago. Updates are being applied as scheduled. 21H1 19043.1237
  3. Thank you for information. I am expecting a modified version.
  4. appreciate your prompt response. Using "skin.ini" in the instructed way did not show any improvement. I restored the system again, unplug the LAN cable, changed the update feed to delayed feed, and then updated it. Currently running at ver2018.6.0.8750. If there is no problem in protection, we would like to maintain the current situation until the problem is solved.
  5. Problem occurred in ver.2018.9.0.8961 distributed by automatic update the other day. After updating, you are urged to restart, and when you restart emisi according to the instructions, all protection is disabled, and if you try to enable it, the UI will close. Even if you click "fix" on the main UI screen, it is unresponsive. Once I uninstalled and tried installing a new one, a warning of the attached image will be displayed. After recovery, the problem is now avoided with "delay update". Is there a procedure to solve it? It is win 7.32 bit version. Thank you
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