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  1. After spending an entire week troubleshooting Eaglesoft issues I was able to determine Emsisoft was the issue by removing it from 4/15 computers. I then removed it from the rest of them. THEN, same issue with another company who uses Sage, ALSO SQL based, frequent disconnects, poor performance. Emsisoft has been removed from their systems AS WELL, and the issues have stopped. Now I'm dealing with issues where multiple clients across different offices, and different internet connections are unable to connect to Office 365 Exchange using Outlook 2013/2016. Computers will hang on "Loading Pr
  2. Whatever was done in the last major update has caused so many issues for me across so many platforms I feel like I have spent the last two weeks troubleshooting issues caused by the last update. I have almost 300 licenses of EAM and I'm starting to think about dumping all of them because of all of the numerous issues. 1.) EAM causing websites to be blocked in IE... Chrome, Firefox, and Edge were unaffected. Confirmed issues that was resolved by having users us beta updates. 2.) EAM possible causing occasional disconnected from Office 365 exchange. Not fully confirmed but multiple c
  3. Logged into a 3rd completely unrelated user and confirmed msn.com and unionbank.com both cause IE to lockup, not respond, and crash. User is also Windows 7 x64
  4. All computers running Windows 7 x64 and I'm having users install chrome as a workaround for the time being but some websites don't work well in chrome based on industry so I would not consider that an acceptable workaround.
  5. Can confirm https://gt500.org/ does not lockup however msn.com does lock up on a second computer completely unrelated to the first computer (different location, different company, different person). Windows 7 Pro x64 on all computers with the IE locking or IE not displaying issues.
  6. Not sure what has changed in the past day or so but I'm getting some calls from clients who mainly use IE to browse with EAM on their system. So far EAM causes IE to crash on: www.unionbank.com www.msn.com www.wellsfargo.com I've tried adding a rule to prevent blocking of the domain, I've tried shutting down the Surf Protection, Behavior Blocker, and File Guard. The only thing that works is doing a full shut down of the EAM system then without EAM running IE works fine. Some clients need to use IE and/or prefer to use IE so I need to figure out how to fix this without dumpi
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