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  1. Due to HIPPA and FINRA guidelines I can not publish the redacted information. Where <REDACTED> is the user folder or user name and is exact. As far as where that information was redacted it can be replaced on my end with Foo. I can supply you a log that has the actual user name replaced with John Doe, the validity of the logs will not change, I am just under law compelled to not supply that information in a pulbic forum.
  2. Hi there, I am having a bit of trouble with this one file that EMSI soft finds but can't remove. I have tried running various tools in regular and save mode. I have cleanned up most of the infections but I am stuck on this one. I have followed the instructions and attached are my first logs. EEKscan_181006-123205.txt FRST-181006-1236.txt Addition-181006-1236.txt