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  1. HI Jeremy, Thanks for the response, yes I did use the official uninstaller and then also dived into the registry and manually removed any remnants of the Trusteer app. It is a standard workstation so it would be simple to level and reinstall the O/S rather than dig around in registry hives. but the tech in me wants to get to the bottom of it. Rapport seems to cause irreparable changes to just about everything it possibly can. with the uninstaller leaving sheer carnage in it's wake. I don't believe that the Emsisoft is at fault in any way. it's just not being given a level playing field to begin with. Just another reason to hate Rapport I guess, like I needed another one.....
  2. Hi Support, My customer installed Trusteer Rapport which I uninstalled, but ever since when I try and reinstall the Emsisoft Anti Malware it grinds the PC to a halt. Uninstall the Emsisoft and its fine, reinstall Emsisoft and the PC hangs and becomes unusable with no obvious peaking in the task manager. Any ideas?