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  1. Thank you once again for all your help. You can close the thread if you wish.
  2. Thank you for your being so helpful and patient with me through this whole process. A true professional in malware removal. Thank you yet again for your much appreciated help.
  3. It didn't show up after I reopened Chrome.
  4. Google's search engine was the default, I found the one you mentioned before and removed it from Chrome's suggested search engines. How should I proceed?
  5. Windows Defender does not detect the program. However, I do not know how to reset Chrome's Search preferences.
  6. How can I reset Chrome's Search preferences? Should I whitelist the detection through EEK?
  7. Reseted Chrome to default settings and ran the fix. Here you are: Fixlog.txt
  8. Indeed. The file is still there. scan_181019-032848.txt FRST.txt
  9. Should I run new scans with EEK and FRST? Here's AdwCleaner' log: AdwCleaner[S01].txt
  10. After running a scan with RogueKiller and deleting the findings, both the folder and the PUP are present, according to EEK's scan that I ran after restarting my system. Here are the logs: RogueKiller Report.txt scan_181018-050058.txt FRST.txt
  11. Someone under the name "CREATOR OWNER" has rights to that very folder. I managed to remove those rights as well as the PUP through EEK, but after restarting my systerm, the PUP still exists along with the folder. "CREATOR OWNER" still has rights to the folder.
  12. Should I try to delete the PUP through EEK, restart my PC and run some fresh scans?
  13. The problem seems to persist. Here are the new logs: scan_181018-030652.txt FRST.txt
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