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  1. Hi, I have a Brand new HP Probook notebook that i have ordered in for a customer. Initially setup the machine migrated data etc and then installed Emsisoft as they had it on there old machine. Since installing the machine was locking up but no obvious usage or culprit in task manager. Though it could be a DOA machine so i sent it back to my supplier and got another. Replacement Machine arrived and the same identical fault started. It will start and login but as soon as you try to run anything it will lockup. Boot into safe mode runs fine. Removed Emsisoft. Reboot all ok. can use the machine fine. Install Emsisoft again and it locks up same as last time. These machines are brand new. Only the HP bloatware installed. I have started a support chat also. and ran the FRST tool as requested however i cannot run it with Emsisoft installed as the machine locks up. Ran safe mode with emsisoft installed and ran it without it installed. I have attached the results. Any help to get this sorted that would be cool. Addition (non emsi).txt Addition (safe with emsi).txt FRST (non emsi).txt FRST (safe with emsi).txt