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  1. 1. I am not using any of the cloud checking "features". Only updating. So does not NEED internet every second I use my machine or turn it on. The software works perfectly fine OFFLINE once it gets its phone home except for this constant license checking. If it did not it would not be something most people would buy as internet is not 100% reliable. And mobile devices do not have 24/7 internet so you could not sell to mobiles. 2. Only thing that changes on my machine is hooking up USB and backup drives. And still have issues just not as often on other machines as they do not get used nearly as often or are left in a sleep state to make sure they are quickly accessible. My machine definitely does not change or should not need to do a license check 3 times in 30 minutes just because I am running windows updates. Once a month or even week should be hard programmed to not ever even try to re-check unless doing an update. As a pirate would never even bother using software of this type if it could not get the latest defs. 3. Yes it needs to check if I renew. But that check should not be needed to run the software if it "HAS" a valid license already and it is a license valid for days weeks or months still. For those days weeks and months it should just operate no problem with whatever version of the software and out of date definitions if currently has until I ASK the software to get updates and then and only then should it NEED to check the license to see if status has changed. 4. The thing that is triggering the issue is always to do with being able to phone-home immediately. If I leave my internet on while the computer boots I can see the log of it going out each boot even if restarted 20 seconds apart. If I have my network disabled it at startup it immediately calls me a thief and to verify again (that once again I can not do on a portable with no internet); that is a buggy piece of license programming for such a small time or change to trigger unless that was on purpose to rake in on the goldmine that is the meta-data market. Bottom line is some programming needs fixing if it is that temperamental or some executive needs bringing back to reality of how the majority of the planet does not live on the internet 24/7.
  2. Thankyou-not for answering not what I asking about. I am a BIG BOY. I can CHOOSE NOT TO UPDATE and take the risk Do not treat every customer like and idiot unless only idiots even use anti-malware products as many people say now adays it is just a scam by companies like you to profit; but we do know that is not really the case--- or is it after the way things have been going. The BIG QUESTION is... WHY does it not treat me like a paying customer if it can not phone home for a license check every time my computer starts. F. THE UPDATES THANK-YOU if I know I am safe as I am NOT ON THE WEB IN THE FIRST PLACE. The program should continue to operate with the older version if I am not able to get on the internet or I chose to not want my computer phoining home every time I start it. For instance today I had to re-license 3 f'ing times because I was doing program updates that need my other protections off so I must disconnect between restarts. And I am in Canada where you must be semi-rich to have mobile data for data spammers like this program if I want to even use my laptop away from home and still be able to even put a USB in it with a minimal of safety. Maybe I updated 5 minutes before I left and it IS THE LATEST VIRUS DEFINITIONS by the time I turn the laptop back on. But NOOOOO I AM A THIEF BECAUSE YOUR PRODUCT CAN NOT PHONE HOME. And it is not phoning home to get updates. As it does not care if I have 23 hour old updates most of the time IF IT CAN PHONE HOME WHEN IT WANTS. The second I do not have internet at start up and can not turn it on your protection is USELESS as it will not operate without its ability to basically spy. ONCE AGAIN MY MACHINE WHEN OFFLINE SHOULD STILL GET PROTECTION I PAID THE FREAK FOR. AND IT SHOULD NOT NEED A LICENSE CHECK EVERY DAY OR EVEN WEEK. THAT IS NOT THE SIGN OF A COMPANY WITH MORALS WHEN TREATING CUSTOMERS LIKE THIEVES.
  3. Win7Pro on all licensed devices. This has been bugging me for more than a year since some change in the software long ago. Now it likes to appear even more often and I have a couples minutes to post my problem. I do not allow any auto update or telemetry or cloud options that I ever know about for any program including blocking at the router if it can not be done on the machine. Why does the software NEED to phone home every single time my computer(s) start? I could assume someone just wants some telemetry to sell to marketers about when I start my computer or who knows what else it could be phoning home about. I only assume in this instance from what I see it is a license check not spyware like I could also suspect. And if it has been more than 24 hours since the last update it will disable itself and treat me like a pirate until I can get the current machine I am trying to use on the internet. We do not all have 24/7 99% reliable internet access; like my laptop that goes weeks without getting online and due to this could easily get a virus if I happen to say put in an infected USB when I am trying to help a friend and do not have time to waste updating before I grab it to go and the virus was already in the database but sadly the company does not trust anyone for a second so you must be a thief so we will not let the software you paid for work at all. I would expect not to feel like the company treats paying customers like thieves and assumes that even a small glitch must be intentional to hurt the top dogs that can never get enough pennies. The software even gives an option to "try for 30 days" so I would then assume maybe the license check should NOT BE NEEDED FOR 30 DAYS at least. Like am I going to have a valid key one day after years and then suddenly; even though yesterday it was valid for the next 6 months I will suddenly change it up and it will be an invalid copy; come-on that is a stupid way to think and program the software! How I know Is I log every communication and have my machines firewall set give warnings about any connection outgoing to an non-local/approved address before a set time that the computer will definitely be finished loading or I know I am opening my browser. Even after that If I do not approve of a regular communication I set it to always pop-up to tell me if something in the background is being promiscuous. Now this happens even after less than a day if I leave my computer running some code and turn off my network adapter as part to make sure nothing even legitimate runs behind my back to disrupt the lengthy time a process might take and I set my computer to turn off after finishing. When I start up my computer in this circumstance Emsisoft WILL disable itself and call me a pirate even if I had manually updated a few hours prior. And now before I can do anything on the computer and have malware protection I must first rush to re-connect to the internet, let it validate again; hoping of course not virus just ran while it was off, there is no random error or my internet is down or your validation host is screwed up (like Microsoft just had happen) and then I am left in the lurch and could lose more time and money or what else because of corporate policy maker greed and lack of moral trust. If I had a choice I would even ask that the data about my computers not be kept in such an easily accessible format as I can see when logging in to the customer portal under 'devices'. I would rather even minimal licensing data (I actually consider machine names to be private data at a minimal level) to only be some database that is just for licensing and less likely to be leaked or hacked. Yes I can easily see the current history system could be useful to many people saying when each machine was last seen and updated; But I would expect an option to NOT participate in that system and have the data not be part of a more vulnerable access point or even deleted/not kept at all. The last time each of my computers was updated should not be needed anywhere but on each of my machines and customers should have the easy option to disable. Having that data outside my control could be a risk if the data is decided to be sold/hacked if say they now knew they just needed a piece of malware newer than my last update to infect me and definitely is not needed to operate the company. Your server logs give all the data about used capacity you should need. Lastly, yes this issue has had me planning on a new provider if it at least the level of trust does not change by the time renewal comes. I already turned away a few people who I know from going to Emsisoft products and who knows whom they talked to after seeing things like this and other dumbing down changes over the past year+; especially assuming no one would ever need a better firewall or even interface than windows gives you. I could give many reasons that even have to do with stopping MS's built-in spyware and forced apps that the built-in firewall will not stop no matter what a person tries to do; but a good 3rd party system will with ease. Rant over
  4. Update: Finally got an hour to play with this again before the end of the evening. And luck be had there was a program update to 2018.10.0.9018. So tried it first. After it installed took the exclusion off and print went twice no problem. Went to my second of three systems. Tested before the update; still crashed; after the update no crash. Glad to have that safe feeling again. Complete system crashes are something I see rare and possibly never in a few years on my own systems. So whatever changes were part of what I noticed in the previous beta log must of also helped this.
  5. OK for the question. It was causing a full (very quick) windows crash. System remains powered up as if it should be at a BSOD but no blue screen only black even after I set on verbose message logging etc. Managed to get a little time to try something I must have been too tired to even think of until the next day. And at least for now have printing back. What I did was just exclude spoolsv.exe and both my regular printer driver and postscript driver worked twice so far without a visible hitch. Plan on trying with some process monitoring when I get more time at the end of the week just to see if there are still any odd access/buffer/etc. errors or delays that would not normally happen but for now at least only the print spooler is the only thing that could get hijacked to send stuff; and that is an unlikely target anyway. Also it is a Brother MFC-7860DW. Windows 7 x64 Pro. Using the last software update that brother released for it in 2016. CAT6, Gb network except the printer. Cheers
  6. I have spent so far more than a day trying to figure this issues out since first I thought it was the windows updates I had also just ran and never even considered the Anti-Malware. Tried re-install updates/printers manual clean removal of all cache files and registry entries for printer only to finally catch the real culprit when testing my third machine and oldest. So the main problem is that everything appears fine until I go to try and print anything to paper on my network printer. I can fax/scan and use print to pdf/xps just fine. As soon as the print job starts to get sent from windows spooler to the network all 3 of my machines now bomb and completely crash to a black screen. Not even making it to a BSOD. Also no log or dump from even regular monitoring tools can catch it and get it logged to a file before the crash. If I take the printer offline on print spooler it will wait all fine and dandy; a split second after allowing it to continue -> crash. I finally found out it was the latest version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware causing the issue when I was at my patience limit and decided to also try my old laptop that sometimes stays offline for weeks and had not had any updates in a long time. So I decided to be careful about testing as each update from windows and other software was made. Low and behold at first everything was fine; until I let the Anti-Malware update to the latest version. Not 10 seconds after the program updated and restarted I tried to print and exactly the same thing happened -> crash to black screen not even a blue screen again. That is all 3 of my machines with different setups and software doing the same thing; in fact my old laptop hardly even has anything on it and I made sure after re-testing to disable the few other things even running in the background as well as un-needed services and it still did it repeatedly. Please say you know what you changed in the code and will be planning on fixing soon. For now I am having to save up all my printing to print form a test-bed linux box.