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  1. Noted. Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the beta.
  2. I just tried downloading a large file from a test site recommended by other customers of the same ISP using the same internet package. It could reach up to 400Mbps with no issues using browsers (Firefox and Edge). I also tried the same file using my download manager which I limited to one connection, also the same speeds with no issues. With Surf Protection enabled and repeating the same downloads via both the browsers and download manager with one connection, the same issues persists, slower unstable speeds and lags/stutters/freezing. This rules out any problem with multiple connections from any program. Even a single fast connection is heavy enough to cause this.
  3. Any heavy internet activity causes this issue. I experience these issues while streaming high quality video, downloading large files using a download manager or a torrent client (I've tried a few), and while speed testing using different speed test websites as well as the Ookla app from the Windows Store. I am mainly annoyed while streaming videos, it starts to stutter when I try to watch high quality streams. I do not experience any issues while browsing the internet normally or downloading smaller files as they tend to finish before the speed ramps up too high, and when I limit my download manager speeds to less than 200Mbps. As for my speed testing, I use various speed tests, and downloading large files such as Linux isos while cross checking with the Windows Task Manager.
  4. Hello everyone. My internet has recently been upgraded to 500Mbps for download speeds. Disabling Surf Protection allows me to maximize my internet speed with no issues on my PC. But when enabled, my internet speed maxes out at 300Mbps with stutters, lag and freezing above 200Mbps. Limiting internet speed on my PC requires me purchasing software to do so, which I am not keen on doing. Is there anything else I could do besides disabling Surf Protection? While I have a rather ancient PC (AMD FX 8120, 8GB RAM, GTX 770) it serves my purpose well and I intend to keep using it til the end of its life, so do not tell me to upgrade/change my PC. I tried searching the forums and couldn't find any similar issue, but if it has been mentioned and solved before I apologize and I hope you could point me in the right direction. Thanks for your replies.