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  1. Kevin, Thank you. All appears well at this point. Please provide your recommendations on all protection needed to keep us safe.
  2. Hi Kevin, attached. I used the instructions for above to include the copied text. Fixlog attached Fixlog 11.19.txt
  3. Kevin, things appear to be running smoother. The logs are attached. Thanks for all your help with this mess. frst 11.16.txt frst1 11.16.txt scan_11.15.18.txt
  4. @GT500, I followed the directions that @stapp listed and I am working in another post with another staff member. I don't want to confuse issues so please close this until we work through other potential issues from the beginning. Thank you for your help. hope this makes sense.
  5. I think I have an infection and would like guided help to remove. Please see attached as requested and let me know the next steps. Thank you in advance emergency scan 181113-174933.txt
  6. Thank you. Here's the information requested (SHA1: A2F4F2214750149DE0AFFBFE11253C5CEE9594B5)
  7. Software continuously keeps catching these infections and places into quarantine. Happening every minute or so. Are they safe? What can be done to stop the pop-up every 1 minute and/or get rid of these files if they are harmful? 1. Medium risk Malware "Behavior.Spyware" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System Sll\sll.exe" quarantined by user 2. Medium risk Malware "Behavior.FirewallModification" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System Sll\checkFirewall.exe" quarantined by user Window 8.1, Emsisoft version 2018.10.1.2096 Many thanks in advance.
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