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  1. Hello Jerry, we are currently running a mutual promo with Cactus VPN, yes. From our side, if you purchase Emsisoft Anti-Malwalware Home you get one 6-months license for Cactus VPN with Smart DNS for free (while the promo lasts). Cactus VPN and Smart DNS allow you to surf anonymously online, bypass restrictions and blocks, hide your IP address, encrypt your Internet connection and secure connections to public hotspots. We carefully select the products/companies we do promos with yet do not endorse any one solution over another. If you are looking for an antivirus or someone else you know, grab this opportunity to get both for less. If you are only looking for a VPN right now, best check out the website of Cactus VPN as their team can provide you with more info on their solution than we could. Best regards Sebastian
  2. Hello marko, we communicated our new license model to users suscribing to our newsletter early November 2018. Yes. we have a new shop partner and are working to improve the end user experience. Once again, we are reviewing our pricing communication and thank you for the input. As for the status of your personal license, feel free to drop me a PN or write an email to [email protected] and I will check it gladly.
  3. Hello Jeremy, we are thinking about it and we did report our colleagues the mismatched info from our website vs. order notification. In all truths, thank you for your feedback. We are looking at it and how to handle it.
  4. Hello Marco, the auto renewal is not part of our licensing terms. No user is obliged to auto-renew their license. Since October 2018, users that renew their existing license or purchase a new one through our website are shown in the shopping cart that they are purchasing a subscription. The subscription can be cancelled at any time including until 30 days after its renewal resulting in a refund if so desired. I can understand that this practice is not everyone's preferred practice, I can also tell you that you are not alone in this but from hundreds of thousands of users, only a few articulated that view and the few dozen or so that since asked us to have their subscription cancelled, we cancel it without issue. In summary: Do I understand your point? - Yes. Is it a problem for our typical user? - Nothing suggests it is. It is not that are we not listening, we put our focus where we believe it is demanded. I hope that makes sense even if you personally would prefer a different approach.
  5. I confirm that all purchases, whether renewals or new licenses, are automatically made subscriptions (has been this way since around October 2018).
  6. Hello marko, I confirm that if you renew a license through our web shop, it will turn into a subscription, same as when you purchase a new license through our web shop. Once again, you can choose to cancel it at any point up to 30 days after its renewal (currently through a request to our support team). Thank you for your suggestion, I will forward it internally for review. As for the "smells a bit", please take into account that it is common practice for software as a service subscriptions nowadays. The perceived or real inconvenience happens in comparison with the old model of term licenses. We understand that subscriptions are not necessarily the favorite model for everyone but by the same token we used to have thousands of users who were not happy to have their license run out without them noticing in time or being not clear about their renewal cost from the get-go. It certainly makes operations for us easier but also serves the needs of many customers. Regarding the option to opt-in and how to opt-out, we will review your concerns and suggestions. Best regards Sebastian
  7. Hello Jeremy, we decided for a separation of private and business users for various reasons, incl. industry standards and being able to make Emsisoft available to private users at a lower price requirement. There is also demand from businesses for a business edition and access to special features we are developing for businesses. We scarcely have private users with need to cover more than 5 PCs. If they do, they have the choice to purchase a separate license. We had to draw the line somewhere and did where we saw it appropriate, not least based on our user base purchasing. Thank you for your input about the spinner. I forwarded the feedback internally. That said, we must be careful apply a fix to one potential confusion by creating another, e.g. making business users wonder why they ended up on the home user pricing. We have far less home users considering to buy 5+ licenses than we have business users. And even those users can still switch back to home licenses using the tab navigation on our pricing page. Thank you for your input about the GUI expiry/renewal info, I forwarded the feedback internally. Thank you for your input on the missing link in the email. I forwarded the feedback internally Regarding credit card details: as you said, users have to accept the terms and they have the choice not to - same as with any other subscription service. They also have the choice to not renew their subscription. As for the saving of credit card or other payment details, that is nothing new. Our shop partner saved that data anyway, be it for a one time purchase or a subscription, so do other shops. The important part is that we do not (and cannot) spy on credit card purchases by any user (other than those they made for Emsisoft). We appreciate your input and it is not lost on us. At the very least, it will be considered carefully. Best regards Sebastian
  8. Hello Michael, thank you for your message. Can you please write me a PN or write us to [email protected] stating the email address you use with Emsisoft Mobile Security, the codes you purchased (or anything that helps us find them)? Please also tell us if you use the same Gmailaddress for all three devices or else how many separate ones. Thank you. Best regards Sebastian Emsisoft
  9. Hallo brain_ticket, das Angebot gilt für neue 1-PC/1-Jahresabos sowie bei der ersten Verlängerungen herkömmlicher 1-PC Lizenzen hin zu 1-PC/1-Jahresabos über die Verlägerungsoption auf unserer Website: https://www.emsisoft.com/en/order/renew/ Bei Unsicherheit, ob es auf die eigene Lizenz zutrifft, einfach mal den Link ausprobieren, Lizenzcode eingeben, bei Produktauswahl Emsisoft Anti-Malware (legacy) eingeben und schauen, was der Shop sagt. Hoffe das hilft. LG
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