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  1. From one to few hours. System doesn't respond until hard reset. I will try your recommendations.
  2. Unfortunately, system stops responding when EAM is loading after system booted. Only hard reset helps.
  3. Hello GT500 Windows Defender is untouched after Windows installing. EAM listed in WSC and protection is on. Often this problem occurs when PC being offline some days, last time about 7 days. And after PC is on when EAM is loading it might hang with high chances. In two occurrences PC freezes when EAM being updated or EAM settings changed manually from Emsisoft Cloud Console.
  4. Windows 10 (1903 and higher) with EAM regularly hangs at user login or before login on black screen with small blue circle. It begins around spring 2020. We have >20 PC with Windows 10 1903/1909/2004 connected to cloud (at different accounts) and this problem periodically occurs on different PCs. To avoid this, we have to force boot in safe mode, disable the "Emsisoft protection service" and restart PC and we have normal boot. Enabling "Emsisoft protection service" and rebooting causes this problem again. Uninstalling EAM with uninstaller and "Emsiclean" and reinstalling after two reboots helps for some time. Often this problem occurs after installing windows updates and rebooting. For testing purposes we tried to install clean Windows only with device drivers, latest windows updates and EAM connected to cloud and after some time and after another reboot (after installing windows updates) problem occurs again. Unfortunately we had to uninstall EAM from all PC and PCs working without issues.
  5. In MyEmsisoft personal policy template. Monitor exclusions doesn't work too.
  6. Hello! Individual file exclusions like "c:\myfolder\myfile.ext" or "c:\myfolder\*.ext" doesn't work anymore but folder "c:\myfolder\" exclusion still working.
  7. Возможно. Но, я надеюсь, Emsisoft в силах решить проблему своих легальных пользователей тем или иным образом. Возможно, совместно с "Ростелеком".
  8. Та же самая проблема, провайдер - "Ростелеком". И такую же проблему наблюдаю еще у 6 дружественных организаций с купленными лицензиями, у которых провайдером является "Ростелеком".
  9. Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2019.1.0.3453
  10. Log file Forensics_181125-084226.txt
  11. Yes But if i put this rule in both exclusion lists (scanner and monitor) it works fine)
  12. PC1: Windows 10 x64 PC2: Windows 7 x64 PC3: Windows 7 x86
  13. I put exclusion rule in the bottom list RULE: D:\MY_FILES\*.exe Files attached for testing MY_FILES.zip
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