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  1. https://www.av-comparatives.org/awards/emsisoft/
  2. Hi Everyone! I started to using this antimalware two days ago. I like this program. The AV test results are impressive. The UI is simple, pure, no Ads. I can set almost everything. And it's translated Amazing! I have a few little remark: At the first run the main window was running on fullscreen. I thought, that I can't make it smaller, but I did it. I think, this small sized window is not small enough. And I can't make it smaller. I can attach an image of my main window+screen position. My resolution: 1366x768 I started a system scan, and during the scan I clicked on the close button. I thought that It can continue the scan in background. No The program asked me: I really want to stop the scanning? I clicked on NO and the main window didn't disappeared. But the question is weird too, because there is a stop button. If I want to stop the scanning, I click on it. I just wanted to close the main window. Scanning again.. A sheduled scan runned in background. I wanted to left my home, without stopping this process. I opened the main window and navigated to running scan. I was looking for an option to turn off the PC after the scanning. Okay there is a quarantine+shutdown option in the sheduled scan, but during this scan I can't modify it. On the taskbar the Emsisoft shield icon is almost the same as the Windows shield icon. If something is wrong, the Windows shield's green tick turns to red cross. But the Emsisoft's icon didn't change. I tried it. I turned off my firewall. One shield should be enough for me, but it's not enough, if I want to se every security component of my PC. I need emsisoft too because I can access it with one click.