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  1. Good morning, I am evaluating the command line scanner software for use in my lab. My company, before login in or even booting the OS, we scan the machine for virus. We are looking for a solution for roughly 1K machines a year Scan all local hard drives / partitions / volumes from a network share Creates a report Run in Windows PE environment that is PXE booted (not booting off USB Keys) - I know we won't catch everything in PE) Full command line A2mcd seems to fill most of the requirements A2cmd seems to freeze at preparing for scan (I have waited 5 plus minutes), when I run the application from a mapped network share, but runs fine with the same command line when I copy the EEK folder directly to the HD when launched from a network share it fills up 100% of the memory and stays at "preparing for scanning.... " No network utilization No cpu utilization Is there a way for A2CMD from the command line to scan all local partitions, without developing a script to find out what partitions there are an put them in the files= command or does the /deep option do this? If I use the /deep option, do I need to /pup / archive / ntfs, etc (I don't mind the speed, I just want it to be through) As a side note when A2CMD runs it uses nearly 100% of available memory What logs / information do you need to help troubleshoot the scanning from a network share. Thanks, Jim