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  1. Thank you for your support , I contact Dr.Web and they give me instruction to follow to see if the Ransomware can be decoded , and as you say I have to purchase their product along with the decryption for 150 Euro , however; when i ask them for more details about the Ransomware they said it's Trojan.Encoder.11464 version 2 , while the R-ID identify it as Scarab are they the same ?? I thought that if i can identify the Ransomware i can find a decryption easier for free , do you have any information about that specific Ransomware ? Thank you for your support
  2. thank you for replaying And no I don't connect to Emsisoft in any case ,except that I connect them to find a solution , I don't deny that they have a nice set of decryption tools that come in handy with many occasion . and i connect Dr.WEB for a decryption tools it seems they can decipher the code if it's v.1 and you can know that by opening your encrypted file with notepad and recognize the set of numbers at the end to find-out what type of cipher it is v.1,v.2 or v.3 v.2 and v.3 can not be decipher yet ,although v.1 is possible i'm happy if you can assist me with any way thank you for your time .
  3. Scarab This ransomware may be decryptable under certain circumstances. Please refer to the appropriate guide for more information. Identified by ransomnote_email: [email protected] sample_extension: .rap custom_rule: Encrypted size marker [0x00 - 0x08] 0x0440000000000000 cover_letter.docx.rap HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT
  4. Greetings; I've been infected by Ransomware that destroy my all personal data ,I've come here to get aid and provide all the necessary information My Ransomware as the RID specify is Scarab with ext (.rap) ,and email [email protected] . I've spent the last week just trying to find a solution opening 8 tabs sending emails and contacting every possible person for aid, I understand it's my responsibility from the beginning , however ; I have no where to go so please help me with any way you have , if not i think i'm gonna copy my files to external drive until we found some decryption in the future . thank you sig.jpg.rap HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT