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  1. Thanx for this info.. I have now sent him my info
  2. I was thinking the same so I went out to find it but the links are gone. But I will check the other disk to later if there is some clue
  3. Hi, thanx for replying to this. I am pretty sure I got it from a program I installed. or its supposed to be that prog but it was not. I got the download from a public tracker and the prog was SketchUp
  4. Hi, my pc was attacked by a ransom virus and crypted ALL my files on my three disks C: D: F: I formated the c: disk but all the files on my other is crypted and renamed to *.udjvu Is there any way to decrypt those files or is it to late? I was trying to get the ID on but no luck.. I send the ransom note (_openme.txt) and a sample of crypted file. (Traktor.hdr.jpg.udjvu) Please help me if you can. _openme.txt Traktor.hdr.jpg.udjvu