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  1. I tried all modes.Same issue appears. After restart everything looks alright!Continue with testing... Now a-squared do not start in the tray.Heh.Switching back to 4.5.
  2. Hi!Updated my version to the latest beta.2 things i have to tell. 1.Why the scanner shows wrong graphical progress?I'm starting a scan and it shows 100% right away.And this issue is not since yesterday.The last several versions has it.-> 2.I have downloaded malware file from here-> spa-world.us/descarga/verpostal.exe (taken from MDL) and the real time scanner doesn't catch it.When i try to scan it manually, then everything's fine-> My OS: Windows 7x86 Security products: FW-ZA free;On demand:MBAM;Real time:a-squared 5.
  3. Thank you.) Now i don't know what to do with my mamutu license.
  4. Hello.Simple question.Right now, i have installed on my PC mamutu and a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5.Do i need the both or a-squared is enough?
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