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  1. it took infinite time and import didn't continue .loading profile of the mouse cursor without any progress until i force re-start
  2. first thanks for you reply yes crash repeated again when trying importing the file also after reboot.i will try speedily import the host file after startup and see kindly find the screenshot during importing and crashing occurrence (as you could see power usage became very high and i could hear my Fan span became louder
  3. Thanks a lot @JeremyNicoll for you reply as you could see in the screen shot with Chrome process the largest memory resource is consumed by Emsisoft although there is still enough memory the crash occur as you could
  4. i read the problem with link yes before i was seeing the status bar responding then hang out little then respond but lately that also doesn't appear and i need to kill the process by restarting as killing it even with administrative rights fails (as i think this is due to self protection of the program)
  5. When i said large i don't mean size i mean the file contains a lot of phishing links so importing them take time.the size of file downloaded as text file then convert them to hosts extension aren't big (file size may be in KB as you could see in the attachment it is 283kb file) i have core i5 laptop with 6 Gigabytes ram. Windows 10 Pro _N 64 bit architecture . phishing_army_blocklist_extended.txt
  6. Hi everybody, when i try to import host files for phishing links (downloaded from https://phishing.army/) after browsing the file and press add.the program stops loading and also i couldn't kill it until i reboot the PC.is there any fix or work around for this problem.in the previous times the program stop responding for certain second and then the rules is added but now it stops loading and the program not responding and get inside of infinite loop of crashing until i reboot (i cannot restart service even if i have admin rights-must reboot and the problem is replicated again)
  7. please although you may trust the software please check its digital signature first and check the hash and compare it from its official website.if this is ok then send the software as false positive to Emsisoft support they will exclude it in the next update if this is legit .happend with me with qBittorent and already resolved.also emsisoft regularly scan its quarantine if find some false positive it will notify you if you want to restore the false positive item.
  8. Hi Everybody i hope you are doing well in these days during corona-virus outbreak i have a simple query about Emsisoft. Does it have some sort of key-logger protection. as unfortunately unlike other other vendors internet security suites it has not a dedicated banking protection browser or module such as secure input in kaspersky or safe pay in Bitdefender or protected hardened browser such as in ESET. as you know nowadays the work from home is dominant and i need to do online banking transactions and i need to ensure safety while doing any transactions or payments. if not then is there any plan to work on such feature in the new future or not ?? thanks in advance
  9. Hello Gents, i want to know if there is and odd on for web security has been added (emsisoft browser extension ) as i received a notification from emsisoft tell me to install it in my browser. is it really developed by emsisoft or fake i didont know that emsisoft has browser extension (and i did not found it in the update blog for the latest version 🤔 the link for odd on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/emsisoft-browser-security/jfofijpkapingknllefalncmbiienkab thanks in advance