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    Hi , Thanks for your support. We ended up by paying the ransom as the only solution to recover some important files (for an unknown reason have not been backed up). We paid 0.1 BTC and they sent us a program called "Smart Descrypter.exe". Once you run it, it properly scans hard disks seeking for the encrypted files but when you try to decrypt, it asks for an Activation Code. Decrypter.rar?dl=0 Let me know if it helps in any sense. Regards, M Smart Decrypter.rar For your reference: encrypted sample files: Encrypted.rar resulting decrypted sample file (they did it as a free sample): Decrypted.rar
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    Until this moment we are not aware of how the server was infected, according to Kaspersky analyst was by port 3389.
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    Follows the file as a request. Thanks in advance for your help. danfe_20160419141404.pdf.missing
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    Follow the result:
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    Good afternoon, our server was affected by the ransomware that creates the .missing / .Contact_Data_Recovery.txt extensions. LI old articles but did not find anything that would help me, would they have any solution to this problem? The rescue email address [email protected] I thank the attention.