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  1. Please excuse if this is the wrong place to post this but I wanted to share info that might be useful for others. using our deployment server we were able to do remote scanning using EEK by essentially creating a big CMD file. The software was extracted onto a folder located on a network share. I saw on another post that this wasnt supported but wanted to share how we were able to do accomplish a remote network scan. There may be another better way to do this but again wanted to share this 😀. REM 1st Step Mount share and copy files onto target using ROBOCOPY net use V: \\servershare\share cd V:\ ROBOCOPY \\servershare\share C:\EEK /e net use v: /delete /Y REM Create result folder c: mkdir c:\eek-log REM FORCE AN UPDATE c: cd c:\eek\bin64 a2cmd.exe /u REM Run Scan and export results C: Cd C:\eek\bin64 REM RUN A DETAILED SCAN AND WRITE THE RESULTS TO A LOG FILE a2cmd.exe /m /rk /t /c /ac /am /n /s /pup /dda /a /xe /deep /d /la="c:\eek-log\results.log"