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  1. Thank you! But I have no separate file for the ".adobe" extension and its ransom note was also encrypted by the GandCrab ransomware. The file "_openme.txt.cqkqeunj" was the ransom note for the STOP ransomware with ".adobe" extension, but was encrypted by GandCrab. I even tried the BitDefender decrypter but it did not ran and said "Initialization Failed". If there is any other way please do send me the link for the decrypter.
  2. My PC has been infected with two ransomwares GANDCRAB 5.1 with an extension of ".cqkqeunj" and other one with an extension of ".adobe". I can't start my windows defender or any anti-virus program too. I am sending an attachment of an infected file along with ransom notes. I got the "_openme.txt" ransom note with an ".adobe" extension before the "CQKQEUNJ-DECRYPT.txt" ransomware note with ".cqkqeunj" extension appeared. Please help me with this. CQKQEUNJ-DECRYPT.txt msi_nb_gs75-stealth_photo08-100784753-large.jpg.adobe.cqkqeunj _openme.txt.cqkqeunj