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  1. That makes sense. I was hoping I could make all the packages, then send them out through our existing system and have them automatically go into their own policy groups. Instead I'll just do them in batches and move them over from the New Computers section manually. I did see the options for connecting them after the fact, I will most likely be taking advantage of that at some point and love that it's available. Our current system is a nightmare when something goes wrong during setup and we have to undo everything to try and get it to connect properly.
  2. Hey Frank H, Thank you for the link, I had found that document before but somehow missed the section about the command line (I thought it was strange it didn't have it). I totally understand that it isn't meant to replace it, was just hoping I was missing some way to set the policy in the package so we don't have to do them manually. Ah well, that's just part of migrating systems, haha. Thanks again!
  3. Hey! I've had no luck finding any documentation on the command line tools. Using the HELP output I'm able to export computer lists, make packages, etc, but am wondering if there is anything else I'm able to do with it. One thing I would really like is the ability to set the default policy for a computer when I create it's package. Even better would be the ability to create a policy, or clone a policy, from the command line. I'm in the process of migrating roughly 150 remote computers from our current management system to the Emsisoft system and need several dozen policies to sort the computers into. Otherwise, is there any possibility of giving the computers a nickname to better sort which ones are which? We typically have 2-3 computers to a group and I need to be able to tell which computers are in which group easily. Thanks!