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  1. Hi GT500. Sorry to let you know that didn´t fix it. Like I said, emisisoft messed with group policy, user rights even enabling super admin account on windows 10 didn´t gave me a chance to fix it. I´m eager to see if you can sort this one out. Emisisoft was the culprit and the only way i found is reinstall your product and on that say any other AV to regain protection. Cheers.
  2. Hello everyone. After uninstalling emsisoft, windows defender can not be unable real time protection and other features are grayed. I tried to reinstall and afterward uninstalling it but all the same and same messages in windows defender: Definition is manged by Admin. My account as full admin privileges, still to no avail and emisisoft must have messed group policy or other. I´ve passed several days now trying to find and correcting this issue with no success. I had no other AV or anti malware software before emisisoft, I was trying your software to decide if i could enhanced my protection. With that said, I am very disappointed with all of this and a clean windows 10 is not a possibility. Thank you for your help to try to sort this out. allnet8.