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  1. is there anything I can do to prevent the spread of the program? any good software?
  2. thank you for your reply, So I mainly just want to stop the spread. I can forgo the lost files but I don't want new ones getting infected. Is there a course of action I should take?
  3. I have been searching the anti ransomware sites and no site seems to carry a decryptor for this .FAZFNYA file type. I have attached examples of files that have become encrypted and the ransom letters that exist on my computer. I think my computer got this malware a long time ago but i didnt notice because it was only holding ransom my older files but now it has encroached on some newer files and im worried its spreading. Especially because I am creating new photoshop projects on this computer regularly. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. - Joe MW_Proj1_Franky_ DSC01664.JPG.fazfnya MW_Proj1Ruger_ DSC01613.JPG.fazfnya Decrypt All Files fazfnya.bmp Decrypt All Files fazfnya.txt