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  1. Good afternoon, on Christmas day my pc was attacked by a ransomware that locked my files with .lol. I was trying to log in using remote desktop at the time. It simply said my profile had been damaged and could not be accessed. Without thinking my pc had been attacked, I simply logged in as administrator and began repairing my profile to no avail. Whilst doing this, I watched my files quickly change to .lol. After driving home and taking the pc off my network, removing the infected hard drives (including my backup) and installing a new hard drive with windows 10, then installing new versions of my programs and re entering data (a very long tedious process), I am now wondering if there is any chance of unlocking the data on the damaged drives. After much research, I found a company call Fast Data Recovery ( in Sydney Australia who has analysed my data a come back to me saying that they can unlock it. They have a no data, no fee policy but want $10800 per key to do the job. They say they cannot tell me how many keys are required until they start the scan of my data and won't do that until I have paid the for the first key. Frankly, I feel that they are worse than the initial crooks. I also lodged my query with DrWeb and they told me they couldn't unlock it. I have had several different diagnoses as to what virus it actually is, therefore, I am at a loss now as to which ones to investigate. Your instructions tell me to download your diagnostic tools to the infected computer but having removed the hard drives, this is not an option. Based on the above information, could you please advise the best next step? Thank you for your assistance in advance. ransom note.txt