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  1. Hi @Marshall, Glad it worked for you, Take care, Steen
  2. Hi Marshall. Not sure, but I do know that I recognize the URL of "MVPS Hosts" and I recognize the list. I don't recognize the list attached to MVPS Hosts (Domains). To view the list, click the blue "Details", "View" & "Original" buttons - see image. Sorry I couldn't offer a better explanation.
  3. Hi Marshall. To add the MVPS Hosts list to uBlock Origin, perform the following steps (see images for more details): (1) Go to the following link: https://filterlists.com/ (2) Enter "130" in the page field. (3) Click the blue "Details" button on the "MVPS Hosts" line. (4) Click the blue "Subscribe" button. You're all done! The MVPS Hosts file should now be added to uBlock Origin in your browser. To check you can look at the uBlock Origin "Options" page by right-clicking the uBlock Origin icon in your browser, as per images. Hope this helps. Best Regards, Steen
  4. Quirky, what do you think of the Brave Browser? I was having a look at it and it seems good.
  5. Good point. However, I'll be sticking with Chrome, at least for the time being. I vote "Both" 🤔
  6. Done, all entries removed. I assume having the following clear slate will allow uBlock Origin to fully do it's job. It's comforting to know uBlock Origin has such a good rep and endorsed by experts like yourself. I guess I have to admit that I'm one of the people who like to know the safety of a site before clicking the link. I really do hope you guys will consider adding this function to your Browser Security extension. So I gather by your answer that WOT should still not be used.
  7. Thank you bobbonomo for explaining things in detail. You certainly have a point about your privacy on the Internet. Without common sense you are doomed for sure. So to assure yourself the best shot at staying safe online a person should be adopting sound practices while online along with implementing certain browser extensions to provide further protection, you are basically doing all you can. As part of my list in my original post, three that I highly recommend are Emsisoft Browser Security, Malwarebytes Browser Extension and uBlock Origin.
  8. Based on your wise advice, I just enabled the MVPS filter list within uBlock Origin. This leads me to the question: how do I delete the MVPS host file in order to make sure that uBlock Origin is in control of host files? I had been using HostsXpert to manage the download and install of the periodic MVPS file updates, do I just use that to access the MVPS file and then just delete it? Not sure I understand what you were saying. I use Chrome and are you saying that when I was using the MVPS Host File (for years) that it wasn't even being used? As you know from my list, I am indeed using your Emsisoft Browser Security Extension. It is my understanding that your browser extension only blocks malicious sites, not ads as well, is this correct? In reference to my question "Can you recommend a good browser extension that flags good & bad websites when you search in Google so you know what not to click?", you responded: It would be wonderful if you do add search indicators in your extension. I personally really like that even though I guess it's not necessary because if you click on a bad site your other protection should block you, at least I assume it's supposed to. I used to use Kaspersky Total Security and their browser extension that came with the suite did have that search indicator feature. EDIT: Just wanted to add that I gather that WOT (Web of Trust) is still not recommended? I realize the trouble it got into years ago, just wondered if it's still a no go. Thanks again Fabian for helping me.
  9. Fabian, thank you so very much for your valuable and very informative input, I really appreciate it. I did not realize the impact on performance that using the MVPS Host File would have. In your opinion, is enabling the MVPS filter list in uBlock Origin even necessary - i.e. you think I may as well just be content with the lists that come with uBlock Origin, that's probably more than sufficient? I certainly see your point about it being pointless and will now uninstall SpywareBlaster. I started using SpywareBlaster a very long time ago and just kind of got used to having it around and never gave it much thought when I installed uBlock Origin. Thanks for pointing that out BTW, I am using Chrome. I had absolute no idea that Traffic Light did that. You would think that BitDefender and the other companies you mentioned would have to disclose that somewhere (perhaps they do and I just missed it). I will certainly uninstall Traffic Light now. Can you recommend a good browser extension that flags good & bad websites when you search in Google so you know what not to click? I learned a lot from you today, thank you!
  10. Thank you Siketa & bobbonomo, for your input.
  11. I'm a newbie on this forum (in fact, I joined today) and besides 3rd. party anti-malware with real time protection, I'm curious what members are using for additional protection. I'll list my current protection, please feel free to comment if you feel I should add something or feel that something is not necessary. Windows Defender (Windows 10 version) MVPS Host File NordVPN SpywareBlaster WinPatrol Free CyberSight RansomStopper Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free (for periodic manual scans) SuperAntiSpyware Free (for periodic manual scans) Browser Extensions (I use Chrome): Emsisoft Browser Security Malwarebytes Browser Extension uBlock Origin TrafficLight HTTPS Everywhere
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