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  1. I know it wasn't going to be easy. Thank you, everyone, for the effort
  2. Thanks for the replay. Here is the link with the result: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/identify.php?case=cce9e9c7dc76baa51ee3fd12d3ebf344af061bf4
  3. Hi Everyone, New to this forum and hoping to get some help. My system was infected by ransomware and all affected files now have an extension .[[email protected]].phobos The usual text file says: All your files have been encrypted due to a security problem with your PC. If you want to restore them, write us to the e-mail [email protected] In case of no answer in 24 hours write us to theese e-mails: [email protected] If there is no response from our mail, you can install the Jabber client and write to us in support of [email protected] or [email protected] I've attached one of the affected files. Has anyone managed to develop a decryptor for the above. Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Jim 19.09,8580960.pdf.ID-F4F623F6.[[email protected]].phobos