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  1. So, you're saying a free decrypt tool isn't possible and most likely never will be? Just wondering because i still have all those files in hope one will be made. If not, I'm just going to delete them all and free up all that space...


    Also, I can't think of any other possible culprits it could be, other than RDP. I never open any email attachments from anyone besides people I know, and even recently that hasn't been for a few months. I don't visit sketchy websites, no one uses the computer besides me and my wife (she uses the internet even less than me, only uses the computer to type papers), and the other day a strange Windows popup was saying a connection was trying to connect to my computer through my wife's account through remote desktop (she didn't really have a complicated password), but I didn't think much of it. 

  2. Seem to have been a victim of the attack mentioned above.... unfortunately the regular FenixLocker decrypter doesn't work with this one. Most likely culprit is Remote Desktop since I had it enabled.


    But I have included two files: original and encrypted one. Is there any tools out there that can decrypt this? Or at least one that is in the works? I lost a lot of files.


    Thank you






    [email protected] !!

    Help to decrypt.txt