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  1. Hi, I tested it with both versions. Same result... Proxy: We dont have a Emsisoft-Proxy. Which exactly, I cant say. Regards Andreas
  2. Good morning, no, the proxy dont need authentication. We used clamav the past years and the proxy works fine... Thx for the reply Andreas
  3. Hi! We purchased a licence and everything is working fine with the command line version. But in our separated network where we have to use a proxy-server to update and activate the tool it doenst work. When we use: a2cmd.exe /u /proxy= Output: Update start: timestamp0 KB (100%) of 0 KB downloaded (after about 3 minutes). When we use our old antivirus-program (clamav) we have no problem to update over the proxy! Any suggestions? And is there a business hotline where I can place my problem? Thx. Andreas