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  1. Yup! That's exactly my problem, when submitting the file pairs. Hmmn.. Okay, so I guess I really find files that are at least 150kb in size. If there's any solution to it. Just let me know. Thanks GT500!
  2. Got it! I understand. Just let me know if there's any answer to that. Will patiently wait. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi @GT500, Just wondering if there's any solution to files lower the 150 KB? Cause I have Premiere and After Effects files that has encryted and original. But the problem is it is less than 150 KB...
  4. Upon checking it now, I think it is now able to decrypt my .MP4 files. Will update you guys If I have any trouble. Thank you!
  5. Yes, my only problem is the MP4 files. It's not giving me a result. I will press submit and then it will load but then go back again to submit button without giving me any result. And I thought maybe because it is a big file. But it's only 85 mb.
  6. I did try it! And it is working! Thank you very for that. However, I tried putting and MP4 file which is just 85mb and it is not giving me a result. And I thought that maybe because it is a big file. And I read that for bigger files I should ask for support. Is this something that you can work on?
  7. Thank you so much! I just checked it. But unfortunately I was not able to automatically decrypt my files. I have to pair first. I tried on some pdf files and glady it works!! But the my problem right now is that. I have to make all my files be processed. And some of my files are really big. So I will have a hard time uploading it. My question will does all of my files needs to be learnt? And what if I have bigger files? I've read that you guys can help if the files are so big. Thank you for the big help!
  8. @GT500 Okay, I'll try do this. Hopefully, it'll work. So my best chances of decrypting this is by trying this and waiting for the future decrypting tool. If ever where can I follow up the future decrypting tool?
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