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  1. Thanks for your help, if have any update, please inform me immediately. Many thanks!!
  2. Still can't upload the file and no other error message. Attached image for you reference. As said, is mean no any method to decrypt my files at this moment?
  3. Can't upload the file, the error message is "-200"
  4. Attached file for you action readme.txt readme.txt
  5. That mean i can try "GandCrab" to decrypt my files first? If yes , would you please share more details of "GandCrab"? Such as "Where i can download and what should i do?"
  6. All the incrypted files end with: .ifrxuepdh and .itdosnh
  7. I have tried, but it seem not work. Any other method? Or i just only can wait for the update? Below is the message after i upload the file. "This ransomware has no known way of decrypting data at this time."
  8. Please help! My file modified by Ransomware! I wanna decryption my file, what should i do? if you need more information, i can attached the document or some file for your action. Please help!!!