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  1. I run a2cmd with the following two scans: 1) a2cmd.exe /rk /m /t /pup /a /ntfs /log=c:\scans\scan.log 2) a2cmd.exe /log=c:\scans\scan.log Both scans do not find any malware. I ran malwarebytes and it found 2 malware hits on this path C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxx\Documents\90611CF802D9CAA9AEE9742D8683F1B3508D58641B35E07074D8A24CB7327783 I did not delete or quarantine the malware. I then run a2cmd with the following flags: a2cmd.exe /f=C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxx\Documents /log=c:\scans\scan.log The great news is that a2cmd found (5) pieces of malware including the (2) malware hits found by malwarebytes. The questions are: 1) why doesn't a2cmd find the malware with my first two scans 2) is a regular a2cmd scan by default bypassing C:\users profiles path 3) what options do I need to specify without hardcoding the C:\Users profile path in the command line parms so that a2cmd will by default scan the C:\Users path and ALL other directory paths when I run a a2cmd scan? 4) what other directory paths besides C:\Users is a2cmd bypassing by default or not scanning and why? Thank you in advance.