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  1. So in other words, if we cant decrypt our files allready we are pretty mutch f...ed ?
  2. Ok, but have there been keys added since May for the MegaLocker tool? *EDIT* Just tried to to run "decrypt_MegaLocker.exe" as admin but it wont start...? Im on Win 10 PRO 64Bit . Version 1809 OS-Version 17763.805 Any ideas ?
  3. Had no luck with my files back in May. And have to ask, how often is the database with encrypting keys updated ? Because i havent seen a version change of the tool for the last 4 months...
  4. Sounds like GREAT news to me. So ill hope for the best since i cant be 100% certain it was just an FTP breach. But the facts pointing to it since only files in FTP shared folders was crypted, virus scans could find no infected or crypted files on any other computers in my private network at all. /Great Regards Morgan O.
  5. Yep, the restore app will be installed on the newly re-installed windows disk. I bought a new disk to use just for this, so i will do it like this... Recover from d: to new disk and when thats done ill format d: after that i recover from e: to d: and so on. /Great Regards Morgan O.
  6. Hi ! Had to go away for a few days, so sorry for a late reply. And thanks again for a verry informative post. Windows is and was installed on a separat disk ( ๐Ÿ˜„ ) where no files are stored, all files that was crypted are at ๐Ÿ˜ง E: F: and G: so no files where overwritten i guess. I will give one of the Recovery apps a go later this wekk end hoping for the best if its any idea att all after reading Amigo-Aยดs input ? Thanks again. /Great Regards Morgan O.
  7. Thanks for trying to enlight me on what might have happend and how it might have been done. :) DMZ is now turned off! Just in case of the visrusscann i did was flawd in any way, i re-installed Windows 10 PRO that is running my server. All Harddrives (4x4Tb + 128Gb Primary Disk C:) are NTFS. I realy hope it wasent a mistake to re-install windows for the sake of trying to recover the files ?? Can you recommend any software for a try of recovering my files, 10-25 USD is affordable. Thanks again @GT500 for the time u spend to inform me/us :) /Great Regards Morgan O.
  8. So the virus can infect from distance and the virus dont have to be localy on my computer ? My guess is that my system was infected through my FTP server "FileZila" with the servers internal IP set to DMZ in my router, if thats even possible ? This is because no files at all on my servers OS ( ๐Ÿ˜„ )disk is infected, not a single one! Just files i was sharing through my FTP (To family users only). No mails are opend or read on this computer In want to help in any way i can, so please tell me if i can and how more then provide the files i allread uploaded a few days ago. /Great Regards Morgan O.
  9. Hi ! Some how i got this misery on my mediaserver/computer as well (Thank good i have a safe copy of all my 185Gb of pictures and videoiclips). All other 13Tb of music and movies i decrypted... Runing Windows 10 Pro with all windows defender/security enabled and showing no signs of infection what so ever, not even a offline scan showd any sign ??? The page above said "this ransomware is still under analysis", scrolling down a bit it says "Nemucode" in a bright green window with the text "This Ransomware is decryptable". But after reading your post @GT500 you say its not ? And thanks for trying to help and prevent all us novise internetuser arround the world ! /Great Regards Morgan O.