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  1. Ok, thanks. I'm not giving-up hope! Not yet, anyway. Please don't forget about this one 🤞
  2. Just checking in to see if anything has happened on this? Any developments that you can provide? Thank you for your help
  3. Any luck, anyone? I'm still playing the waiting game but wondering if I should give up any hope. If anyone is still working this, Thank you !
  4. I am patiently waiting with my .crypted files and occasionally following this thread. I tried the .nampohyu unlocker but get "File not supported" whenever I select the Ransom note. Nevertheless, these latest developments have given me hope! Keep-up the fantastic work Emsisoft Team! Thank you!
  5. Me too! The same as Haggard; everything on my NAS is now .crypted. Also, the Nemucod can't determine the key. Would it help to have my ransom letter as well as a copy of an encrypted and original file? Thank you in advance for any help or assistance that you can provide!!
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